AM PreSchool & Kindergartners

Our School's PreSchool program offers your child a place to play and learn.  Play is the art of learning.  It is a child's “work” where they learn how to interact with their environment.  It is full of the wonderment of make-believe and pretend.  Play promotes developmental skills as well as providing an avenue of fun through the learning process.  Our School's goal is to provide a place for imaginative play while subtly teaching early math, language arts and science concepts as well as enveloping environmental protection and enhancement in a way that is exciting and stimulating.

      This program provides a thematic, developmental Preschool experience for children between the ages of three and six years.  At the same time we incorporate such activities as gardening, creative movement, construction site, animal care, walks on our nature trails, organized sports, sledding, bike riding and many other activities to be experienced outdoors.  The children will be introduced to early childhood concepts through enjoyable, child-centered activities.

Some examples of concepts being introduced are letter recognition, colors, shapes, and numbers.  Simple sign language and Spanish is also introduced as well as health, hygiene, fire safety, and community awareness.  The children will also be encouraged and supported as they develop their socio-emotional skills and creativity.  In addition, the Funny Farm's “farm-like setting allows the children to experience natural science concepts and environmental education on a daily basis.  This program is offered mornings only or as a full day.  The full day includes lunch, period of rest, snack, and extension activities.  Older Preschoolers may sign up for our afternoon Five Plus Program as well.  Children enrolled in afternoon Kindergarten are included in this program as well.  

Ratio 8:1,16:2