PM PreSchool & Kindergartners

This program is designed for children who are eligible for Kindergarten by October 15th of the following school year, older five year olds, and half-day Kindergartners already enrolled in Kindergarten.  In our program, we have incorporated many exciting monthly themes and will be setting up some fantastic learning centers as well.  Many of our children have mastered basic letters, counting, and shapes, have incorporated details into their drawings and are ready for pre-reading and writing concepts.  These children tend to be more independent with basic self-help skills and have a good grasp of language skills.  We reinforce Sign Language and Spanish as a means to build on some already acquired skills.  

      With respect for children and an understanding of their natural development, we offer this program-full of creative, innovative experiences where children are the creators!  We offer a combination of structured activities and free choice to allow the children an opportunity to learn, to play, and to express themselves and to have fun.  The Funny Farm's “farm-like” setting also allows the children to experience the outside world and to explore natural science concepts and environmental  education on a daily basis.  Some of our outdoor activities include:  sledding, bike riding, gardening, nature trail exploration, farm animals and animal care, wood working, walking field trips, outdoor easels, field sports, and our tractor/hay rides around the farm.

This program is integrated with our morning PreSchool program and in the afternoon is a separate program.  For those children ready for a full day, we recommend morning PreSchool and afternoon Five Plus.  This is an advanced program and is not recommended as a first Preschool experience.  Children enrolled in AM Kindergarten will participate in this program as well.  

Ratio 8:1, 16:2

Before and After School

     This is an enrichment program for children aged five to nine years.  The Cape Elizabeth Schools will either pick up or drop off at the Funny Farm.  A wide variety of activities are offered as well as free choice play and plenty of time to unwind or enjoy friends.  Arts and crafts, science exploration, and creative movement are just a few of our daily offerings.  Ratio 8:1